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You don't have to install Print365 on every PC in your organization, only on your print servers and the reporting computer.

Print365 consists of the server and client software:

Install Print365 Client on your print server computers. Print server is a computer which is connected to a printer via USB / LPT.

If you use a dedicated network printer, share it across your network via your print server computer, so that user prints on the printer as it was a local printer connected to your print server:

Install Print365 Server on a computer where you want to collect your print monitoring data.

If Print365 Client and Server are installed on different computers, configure the Client Server IP option in order to connect it to Print365 Server (Windows Start > Print365 > Configure Client):

You don't have to add your printers on either Print365 client or server side. When a document is printed on any print server where Print365 Client is installed, Print365 Client detects the printing automatically and sends the document info to Print365 Server.

In order to use the presice page calculation approach you have to turn on the Keep printed document option for your printers:
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