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Print365 really works great and the demo version installed and operated flawlessly, so we really hope you can help us somehow with the purchase.

David Austin
Director of Information Technology
New York State Defenders Association

We evaluated your Print365 product and found it to be very useful. Thanks again for your great support! I will not hesitate to recommend your product to others if given the opportunity!

Wayne Fewster
Assistant IT Manager
The Sunday Times (Perth, Australia)

Get clear picture
of printing
in your organization!

Print365 monitors printers in your organization and provides you with precise information about print jobs for printers in your office or your local printer 24/7/365, which helps you optimize printing, save expenses, etc.

Print365 uses a very precise method of calculating the exact number of printed pages and copies.


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Key advantages

24/7/365 Monitoring of print activity on your printers, the data are stored on the Print365 server side.

Precise calculation of printed pages, MS-Word and IE printing issues resolved.

Web access to your print monitoring data in your web browser from a remote computer.

Complete document info - computer, printer, user, pages, copies, cost, size, quality, etc.

Charge monochrome and colour printing by the customized pricing table.

Export your print records to Excel or HTML for further analysis and reporting.

Quick install - no need to manually add printers since they are automatically detected.

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